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Climate change is a key challenge
facing the whole of Europe.

Now an INTERREG IVC European project – FUTUREforest – is looking at how trees and woodlands can adapt to the effects of climate change and provide opportunities for mitigation.

What is FUTUREforest?

A partnership of regions sharing ideas on how the forests of Europe could adapt to climate change using innovative natural solutions, contribute towards carbon sequestration and reduce risks caused by climate change such as flooding, drought, fire and soil erosion.

Forthcoming events

Catalonia study visit - natural risks
24 25 February 2009
Girona, Catalonya

Wales Study Visit - water management
25 - 27 March 2009
Abergavenny, South Wales

Trees in the snow

In particular it looks at:

  • Adaptation of forests to maintain their resilience
  • How forests can help society adapt to the impacts of climate change
  • How trees and timber can do more than just lock away carbon

Partner regions

Each of the seven partners is responsible for:

  • Auvergne, France - biodiversity
  • Brandenburg, Germany - knowledge transfer
  • Bulgaria - soil protection
  • Catalonia - natural risks
  • Latvia - timber production
  • Slovakia - carbon sequestration
  • Wales - water management

Why forests?

Trees and woodlands deliver multiple economic, environmental and social benefits including - timber and non-timber products, biodiversity, local climate regulation, soil protection, water management and a healthy environment.

How does the project work?

In three phases FUTUREforest aims to identify the threats, weaknesses and strengths of Europe's forest as they face up to climate change; developing best management techniques to guide policy makers and stakeholders.

Seeing is believing - study visits to see examples of practice guidelines and then promoting new best practice across the project regions.

Developing together - workshops on transferable good practice guides, policy recommendations, strategic guidelines, forest programmes and policy tools.

Transfer to policy - the exchange of experiences, transfer of policy and good practice guides, between the regions, European public authorities and key stakeholders.

This website will develop and grow throughout the project, with news of events, reports of activities, and detailed research. Come back soon to check on progress!
trees and woodland helping Europe tackle climate change
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